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Why I Started This Blog

Posted by Pamps | 7:50 PM | 2 comments »

The reason why I started this blog is to correct the mistakes I've done in my blogging experiences. I have been blogging for about 3 months now and I have been learning a lot on the web. Learning that would lead to oppurtunities of earning while blogging. It all started with Google Adesense. Because of this program I was enlightened to do blogging as a source of income. I studied each and every thing that a blogger should learn. I later learned that there are other programs which a blogger could earn. Some bloggers join several programs not only to make their sites survive but also make it as their source of income and to some, their bread and butter. I have a day job but I still see to it that I do this blogging stuff and would definitely want to make it big in this industry. I know it entails a lot of patience and hard work but I know that in time it will pay off. Knowing all this stuff about blogging, I want to make this blog qualify to the requirements of certain programs which I have not done before. It has been a trial and error for me so I commit mistakes. Mistakes that just challenge me to improve and do the right thing.

It has also been the purpose of this blog to help other bloggers learn and make their journey to financial freedom easier and faster. I'll do the hard way and I want to share what I learn it my soon to be readers in this site for them to do it the easy way. As to justify the title of this blog, this would be a site of "How To" of every aspect, program, technology and other things that a blogger should and would want to learn. I would also be including reviews on sites and technologies as well as the latest news that we should know.

So there you have it folks. Bear with me in my journey to financial freedom. I never expected it to be through this medium but I can see that it is coming and there really is a future in blogging. I hope to enjoy the future with you and hope that my vision and mission be yours to. Keep reading, I will be with you.


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